lifeinthefeislane asked:
We'll miss ya on tumblr Erin!!



So I made a slideshow on the desktop of my laptop of inspiration quotes because I’m obsessed (part 4) 

(part 1 2 3)


the entire irish dance population has better legs than taylor swift sorry (not sorry)

I’m back (kinda)!!❤️

I reloaded tumblr into my phone, but I did delete it off my iPad. I’m gonna come on her a little less than I used to but I just wanted to let everyone know I have tumblr again☺️

Thanks for all the love guys💚. I’m not really bothered by the anon but I’m just getting tired of the stuff that happens on tumblr ya know? I’ve deleted tumblr off my phone, but I’m gonna keep it on my ipad so I’ll still come one here once in a while. Plus my tc thinks I spend to much time on social media, so I decided to lessen my time on here (and on Facebook and insta). If you guys need to contact me, feel free to snapchat me (@erinkouridakis) or instagram message me (@erinkouridakis).💕✨ love you guys☺️

gavinsandghillies asked:
Erin! I'm gonna miss you! I hope everything works out for you. If you ever wanna talk, you can snap me or kik me! Have a great start to the school year girl 😘

Awww thanks Mary Kate!! Still going to IAANJ right?? I’ve deleted tumblr off my phone, but I might still go on it occasionally on my ipad💕💚

I think I’m taking a little break from tumblr…

I’m really not enjoying tumblr as much as I used to. I feel like everyone is just trying to be relevant or something and then this leads to hate and people being rude. Plus school is starting soonish and I still have a ton to do😪. My teacher also thinks I need to cut down on social media time and focus more on dancing. If you need me, hit up my instagram @erinkouridakis because I’ll still be using that. Peace out and be nice to each other✌️🙊

Anonymous asked:
Lol so you can't even place at your own schools Feis? You carry your self around like this amazing dancer and yet you've never placed in open lol. At least you have a world champions dress to get you some bonus points.

And this is why I’m starting to not like tumblr…

Anonymous asked:
What age were you when you start competing?

5/6, but I wasn’t serious about dancing until I was about 13😎

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