I love being “in” on Irish Dance stuff. A lot of you are super clever and well humored. “Thevanishingcake” is the newest URL to make me laugh.


people at school: i heard you went to the worlds things? did you win?

me: image

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Big John and the little ducklings.
Credit: Carey Academy Russia

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Anonymous asked:
How did you go from 5th to 29th lmfao

My set killed me lol I messed up😭😭😭😭 I hate talking about it it gets me so heated💆

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Anonymous asked:
What region are you in

Mid atlantic🐳

Anonymous asked:
What were your scores at the O?

Idk I don’t remember them off the top of my head. I got a second in reel and was 5th before set from my man Russell Beaton tho😍😍😍

Anonymous asked:
are you taking requests?

Only on instagram.. Must be following me to get one xx (@erinkouridakis)

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