Question of the day:

How do you paint a toe that only has one quarter of a toenail?😂😂😂


Woop woop, 22nd at the Great Britain championships!

(via gavinsandghillies)

Irish Dance in a nutshell


1. Work for 3 years to get a move down

2. Finally nail it, becomes muscle memory and source of pride

3. Transfer to a school that doesn’t do the move that way

4. lather, rince, repeat


Okay y’all opinion time!!

So as the bottom two pictures show I tried a bun wig on for the first time today - it’s an oldddd beginner style wig, I would actually buy a loose curl one and have some more volume/curls hanging down and they are terrible pictures - but you get the idea so question is… Which do we like better… Loose curl full wig? Anna Long wig? Or a bun wig?

I like the Anna long! You could also curl some pieces in front with the full wig I loooove that look😱

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